• $100,000,000+ Banked One SimCity

    Welp, guess I won SimCity.

  • SlyFive Plays SimCity

  • SlyFive & Moldii Play DayZ

  • SlyFive Builds a Minecraft Railway!

  • SlyFive Silver in League of Legends!

    The Show is seeking recruitment and sponsorship opportunities and is ready to assist with inquiries of any kind.

    Need to get in touch?

    SlyFive: SlyFiveTV@GMail.com

    Moldii: MoldiiTV@GMail.com


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    Current fileset: Download

    Packaged/Installed Mods:

    • Forge ModLoader
    • GUI API
    • Minecraft Utilities
    • Rei's Minimap
    • Simply Horses
    • MoCreatures
    • Dragon Mount
    • Better Fonts
    • Custom MobSpawner


    1. Download the current package
    2. Un-zip the package contents to some place on your hard drive where you want my files to live. Do not worry about damaging your current MineCraft installation; this package will be self-contained thanks to Magic Launcher!
    3. Open up this base directory and then open Magic Launcher
    4. Click Setup in the bottom-right
    5. Select the Advanced tab near the top of this window and then perform the following:

      • Click Select in the upper-right to choose the .jar location. Navigate to the .minecraft directory located in our base directory, then bin, and select minecraft.jar.
      • In the box next to Memory, enter 1024 or 2048.
      • Click Select in the bottom-right to choose the working directory. Navigate to the package and select .minecraft. This Magic Launcher option is what helps to keep this modded copy of MineCraft from messing with whatever current install you have!
    6. Select the Mods tab near the top of this window and then, one by one, add in the three External Mods by clicking Add, navigating to, and selecting the mod.

    7. Select OK to close the dialog.
    8. Enter your credentials and click Log In.
    9. Navigate to Multiplayer and add a new server with the IP I've provided in chat. Please keep in mind that I run this server on a dynamic IP at the moment, so you may have to come onto stream chat and beg the new IP for the time being!